Concrete Pressure Lifting, Inc.

THE TWIN CITIES BEST MUDJACKING & CONCRETE CONTRACTOR with over 100 years of collective experience. We'll offer you the best solutions for your concrete settlement problems. If your driveway cement slabs are sinking, or your sidewalk is uneven and cracking, we've got you covered. Our team of professional Mudjackers have been raising and repairing concrete since 1983.

We raise and repair sunken concrete by Mudjacking - a process of lifting concrete that has settled over time, due to soil conditions and erosion. It is the best and most affordable solution for raising, leveling, and repairing concrete. If your cement needs to be raised or repaired, it can easily and quickly be fixed at an affordable price.

How Mudjacking works - first, we drill small holes into your sinking concrete slab. Next, we use “mud”—a slurry of water and non-shrink grout to “jack” up the sunken concrete. When the gaps are filled and the slurry is pressurized, it raises the slab hydraulically back up to the right height. Then, the drilled holes are filled with a concrete mixture. The material we use is called ag-lime (class 5, crushed agricultural limestone).  It is safe for you and the environment! (Sandjacking and polyfoam jacking are not methods we use. Sandjacking uses sand and poly foam jacking uses a 2 part chemical foam.)

Get a FREE estimate! We serve customers within the greater Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area and throughout the Mid-West. Our goal is to determine the best method to solve your concrete problems at a fair price. Pricing starts at $500.00 for any project.

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Mudjacking Experience

  • 36 Years Industry Experience
  • World of Concrete Masters Certificate in Concrete Repair
  • Certified Concrete Educator
  • Over 100 Years Collective Experience