Concrete Pressure Lifting, Inc.

We are a Mudjacking Contractor, with over 100 years of collective experience, offering our customers with the best solution to settlement problems with concrete since 1983. We raise sunken concrete by mudjacking. Mudjacking is a process of lifting concrete that has settled over time, due to soil conditions and erosion.

We provide FREE estimates for mudjacking to our customers within the greater Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area. Our goal is to determine the best method to solve existing concrete problems at a fair price. Please see our Services for more information.

Many people are looking for Mudjacking but are not sure what it is called, so we thought it helpful to tell you some of the names that might be used, like concrete raising, concrete slab lifting, concrete jacking, cement raising, cement jacking or slab lifting. We do not do sandjacking, they use sand and we use ag-lime (crushed rock). We do not do polyfoam jacking, they use a 2 part chemical and we use ag-lime (class 5, crushed rock called ag-lime).

Mudjacking Experience

  • 33 Years Industry Experience
  • World of Concrete Masters Certificate in Concrete Repair
  • Certified Concrete Educator
  • Over 100 Years Collective Experience
It was last fall and I had procrastinated all summer in getting estimates on raising my garage slab. I called Concrete Pressure Lifting Inc. for an estimate after two other companies didn’t even want to take on the job and Valerie and your husband, fixed the problem. Thank You.
Carol Rogers


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