What are the Benefits of Mudjacking?
Concrete Pressure Lifting offers our customers the best benefits at a reasonable price. Although many people may think it is best to replace broken and sunken concrete, repairing it instead is often a better choice.

Repair is Affordable
The cost of repair averages between 50–75% less than the cost of replacement.

Repair has Minimal Disturbance
Our experienced team can finish most jobs in a matter of hours in a single day. There is little mess, and you can use the raised concrete immediately after work is completed. In addition, the mudjacking process does not require disturbance to existing landscaping. In contrast, replacement is a lengthy procedure. It requires demolishing and removing the existing concrete, recreating the concrete bed, and pouring. New concrete takes days to cure and dry before use.

Repair is Green
Mudjacking eliminates landfill waste and will not damage the environment. Our preferred grout material is non-toxic and all-natural. We use agricultural lime (ag-lime), which is a natural fertilizer. Crushed ag-lime rock is also typically used on baseball fields!

Repair Enhances Property Value
Uneven concrete is not only unsightly, it also creates a tripping hazard. When you choose to raise existing concrete, you also eliminate the need to match color and pattern with the non-damaged sections.

What is Mudjacking?
Literally, mudjacking uses “mud”—a slurry of water and non-shrink grout—to “jack” up the sunken concrete slab. First, we drill a set pattern of holes into the sunken concrete slab. Then, we use a Mudjacker to pump the non-shrink grout through the holes. The grout fills voids, raises the concrete slab and stabilizes it. Mudjacking is the most effective way to save concrete slabs by raising them back to the proper level and grade. The end result is beautifully smooth and level concrete that consequently eliminates tripping hazards and establishes proper water runoff.

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