About Us

Company History
Concrete Pressure Lifting, Inc. was founded by Chuck Amundson in 1983. We take pride in the history and experience of our multi-generational family-owned and family-operated business. Our staff maintains up-to-date training in mudjacking and concrete repair. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we are happy to provide references upon request.

Many people have asked us, “why a mudjacking company?” The process of concrete repair has always intrigued Chuck. He loved the artistry of determining exactly how to level a sunken slab, and he also appreciated the economy of repairing concrete, as opposed to demolishing and replacing it. In 1983, Chuck teamed up with his father to create Concrete Pressure Lifting. From the beginning he has attended concrete seminars at the World of Concrete to educate himself on what best to do when dealing with concrete repair issues. Chuck chose to learn from the World of Concrete because it is an internationally recognized professional concrete association. In addition to bringing industry specialists together annually, the World of Concrete also offers certifications in concrete repair and much, much more. Chuck and his dad continue to stay up-to-date on latest repair techniques, even after acquiring more than 30 years of experience.

A Family Business
Chuck has enjoyed teaching all three of his sons the art of mudjacking. Mudjacking is not simply drilling holes and pumping grout. Surprisingly, concrete can be very finicky. As a result, there is an art to understanding how soil, the concrete slab, and grout interact. Our entire family truly enjoys transforming uneven and broken concrete into beautifully smooth slabs. We see this process as a way to bring dead concrete back to life again. Our customers continually comment on the professionalism of our wonderful family crew of trained mudjackers.

Our Customers
Since 1983, we have worked in multiple sectors. Just to name a few, our customers include:

  • Property Management Companies
  • City Municipalities
  • The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDoT)
  • The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
  • Railroads
  • The Light Rail

Even after 36 years, we still work with these customers today. They trust our general experience, as well as our past history working on their special projects. Our company was selected to help anchor one of the major buildings in downtown Minneapolis.

We have been here since the beginning. We continue to educate our staff for the future. Call us we can help you with your project and if we cannot we sure know someone who can.

Concrete Pressure Lifting IS the company for you and your family or business.

God Bless You!